Monday, April 15, 2013

Kael 4 Months

Kael is already 4 months (actually he is 4.5 months).  I can't believe how fast this is going!!!  At his four month appointment Kael weighed 16.2lbs (77%), height 25.5 inches (75%) and I can't remember how big his head was but it was only in the 50%.  Here are some things about Kael:
He loves to sucks on his hands and prefers that over his pacifier.
When he does suck on his pacifier he likes to put his bottom lip over the bottom of the pacifier.  It's really funny.  I will post a pic of it.
He loves to suck on his lips.  It's hard to explain but he will suck on his top lip or his bottom lip.
He loves the dogs.  Every time they are within his sight he just stares at them and tries to reach out and touch them.
He can now roll from his front to back and is really close rolling from back to front.
He likes to make spit bubbles and will stick out his tongue and spit.
HE LOVES TO JUMP!  Since we got him a jumper that's all he wants to do.  My arms get real tired...
He loves his baths and likes to play with the water. 
I've started giving him baby food since the dr said it was ok and Kael isn't quite sure if he likes it or not.  I started with giving him carrots and the first time I put some in his mouth he just sat there with his mouth open with a disgusted look on his face like what am I supposed to do with this.  It was so funny. 
He's such a happy baby and loves to laugh and smile. 
He loves to look at books.
He likes to suck on fabric.  If you have a long sleeved shirt on and get within his reach he will grab your sleeve and suck on it.  He likes to suck on his blankets or his stuffed toys. 
Most of the time he will sleep through the nights but every once and a while he will wake up in the middle of the night because he's hungry.  I can't believe how much this kid eats.
He's a supported sitter and loves to sit up. 
This is all I can think of right now.  Here are some photos:

Me and my big boy

He likes to look at himself with the camera on our phone.

My happy boy

This is what he does with his pacifier and his bottom lip.

He loves phones and took this pic of himself with my camera

He's always sticking his tongue out.

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