Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Temple Square

I haven't posted in a while so I figured that I should update the blog.  Here's an update on my personal training cert class:  I have finished the classes and have taken the test and will find out in a couple of weeks if I pass or not.  Once I pass I have to get CPR certified and then to a 40 hour internship so I have to find out which gyms I can do the internship with.  So right now I am just waiting to find out if I passed or not...

On a different note, this past weekend Declan and I did our annual tradition of going to Temple Square around Christmas to see the lights.  The last couple of years we have gone with LJ and Nemiha and it has been tons of fun.  I'm my niece's favorite (he he) so it was fun to walk around Temple Square with her and see her get excited over the lights and seeing Santa and Buddy the Elf.  Before LJ and Nem showed up Declan and I walked around the Gateway Mall and took a few pictures so here are a few pictures:

Declan, Me and my Neice at Temple Square

This picture and the next two are at Gateway

This weekend we are going to try to go to Zoolights with Declan's family so if we end up going I will post those pictures later.