Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's been a while

It's been a long time since I have updated our blog so here's what's been going on in our lives.  Kael is getting so big.  He's talking so much and can say a lot of words that we can actually understand.  His favorite word of course is no.  He knows a lot of the colors, he can count to ten and he can sing the ABC's but doesn't like to sing it unless you are singing it with him.  He likes to pester the dogs and we've been trying our best to teach him how to be nice to the dogs but it's been hard.

  He loves to blow up balloons and to help me cook. He likes to help me clean and loves to brush his teeth.  He loved Halloween this year and loved trick or treating.  Every time he wants candy he says trick or treat.

 He loves to play with his best friend/cousin.

  He loves animals almost as much as his mom.

 He's started to get into certain cartoons like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington and Mater Tales.  He will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks and I'll try to remember to post pictures from his party.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kael Update

It's been a few months since I have posted on the blog so I figured while Kael is napping I would give an update.  He's down to one nap a day which is nice when you have errands to run (disclaimer: I do not run errands while my child is napping.) but sucks to only get one break during the day.  He's working on walking on his tippy toes, jumping, spinning and running.  Most of the time it ends in him falling but he seems to find it entertaining.  He's still my happy, Mr. personality boy but is sure testing the waters.  Everything is a hilarious game to him.  If he hits the dog and I tell him to be nice he laughs and continues to do it so I have started "time out" since us saying no is a challenge for him to keep doing it.  He can climb on most things in the house like the couch. coffee table, and our bed in our room (now that we have a new mattress and bed frame that isn't 4 feet off the ground).  He loves being outside now that it's getting warmer.  He loves the park not because there are slides or swings but because he can run and be free.  He's still not interested in the TV (thank goodness and I hope it stays that way) unless there is music and singing.  I turn on a cartoon in the morning for him but then the TV is off the rest of the day until after he goes to bed usually (i'm not perfect and will sometimes watch TV during the day for my sanity).  He loves food still but is learning that he likes one more than another.  He LOVES bath time and is discovering all the fun things he can do in there like splashing, blowing bubbles with his mouth, putting his one ear in the water, drinking the water but his favorite is brushing his teeth in the bathtub. His favorite thing to do all day is sitting under a blanket and of course he wants me under it with him with my cell phone so we can listen to animals sounds while under the blanket.  It's really cute but makes it hard to get things done during the day.  He's obsessed with his stupid pacifier and I try not to let him suck on it all day but sometimes I give up and let him win the fight because I don't have that kind of energy.  He still loves to read books but has started to "read" them to me.  He's a little mimic and tries to say everything we say in the tone we say it and sometimes it sounds like it's supposed to (at least to us) and then sometimes it is just gibberish.  He loves when you sing hush little baby to him especially when it's his aunt singing to him and now he just expects her to sing it.  When he sees her he just starts swaying back and forth to coax her into singing it.  He is such a fun little boy and keeps me laughing.

Please excuse my face...

Besties.  He's always following her everywhere

This is Kael and I under the blanket

When he does this he thinks you can't see him.  And not because he's wearing camo...

My handsome little stud

He likes playing in this laundry basket

Boy cousins!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

1 Year

I can't believe my baby is 1!  He weighs 21 lbs 15 oz and is 30.75 inches tall.  He's a full time walker and has been working on running.  It's funny to watch him try to run because he kind of does a body roll because his feet start going and it takes a second or two for his head to catch up with his feet.  He can bend over and pick things up and can go from sitting to standing without using a wall to help him up.  He loves walking because he can chase the dogs.  He loves to turn pages in books, he loves balls, he loves to point, clap, and wave. He's starting to try to climb on everything but still hasn't accomplished it quite yet...thanks goodness.  He loves being able to feed himself and refuses to let me feed him because he wants to do it himself.  He's officially off formula!  WOHOO!  He had no issue going from formula to milk which is so nice because formula is so expensive.  He talks so much but it's all still gibberish.  He's finally getting his two top teeth.  I'm excited for him to finally get those so he can bite his food.  He tries to bite his food then gets frustrated and just shoves the whole thing in his mouth.  We upgraded him to a big boy car seat but it's still rear facing until his legs get longer.  We had a little party on his birthday and we thought when we put the cake in front of him that he would just start shoveling it in his mouth but after a few bites he started to cry.  I think that he wanted to get out of his high chair and walk around.  He's very social and loves being around lots of people.

We had to push our couches together and put the tree on a table to keep him from getting too it.  


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fun Times in October

Now that it's football season I spend a lot of time hanging out with the girls in my family because all of our husband's are addicted to football.  We have had a lot of fun adventures.  It started with out annual girls trip (this is the 2nd year of doing it).  We went to Park City and spent two nights which was so much fun.  It started with Dinner at Costa Vida and we went to the movies and saw Gravity (AMAZING MOVIE) in SLC.  Then we drove to the hotel in PC.  On Saturday we slept in, got breakfast and went and got pampered with pedicures, manicures, facials.  After that we went and did some shopping at the outlet mall.  We got some dinner and then went back to the hotel and relaxed and played games.  The next day we slept in again and then got some breakfast then went on a walk along a path with a bunch of scarecrows and looked at the beautiful fall colors and then made our way back home.  It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again next year.

Pillow fight

And since it's October my sister and I had to get our fill in for scary movies.  We have to watch them together because our husband's hate scary movies.

Then last weekend my sis, sis-in-law and I went and saw Insidious 2 (we watched the first one the week before) and it was one of the scariest PG13 movies I have seen in a long time.  We got home after Midnight and had to take pictures of our scary adventure.  My SIL screamed out loud a handful of time and almost threw the popcorn in the air.  It was pretty entertaining.
If you look in the window behind me you can see a scary face.

I will have lots to post over the next couple of months since it's the holiday season and Kael's birthday.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

11 Months

I don't know how this happened but Kael is 11 months!  So crazy to think that in one month he will be 1.
Anyway, here are some facts about Kael:

  • He weighs 21.4 lbs.  I think he lost a little weight since he had diarrhea for a week. 
  • He took his first steps a few weeks after he turned 10 months and as of a few days ago he got brave and is walking all over the place.  He still crawls a lot but he will also walk a lot too.
  • He can finally pinch his food and still is obsessed with food.
  • He babbles all day long.
  • He loves to read books.  It's the only way I cam keep him still for more than a second.
  • He claps and waves and loves to give people his cheeser smile.
  • He loves his dadda and cries whenever he leaves.  
  • He likes to fake cough and fake laugh.
  • He loves to put blankets over his head and play peek-a-boo.
  • He points at everything with one hand and it is so funny.
  • His hair in the back is getting so long and Declan keeps saying I need to cut it but I'm refusing too.  I like his Bruce Jenner hair LOL.
Nap Hair

Attempting to play peek-a-boo with a dish towel

He was a little golfer for Halloween

Trick or treating

Monday, September 30, 2013

10 Months!

Kael is 10 months now and as busy as busy can get.  He weighs 22 lbs and is going through a growth spurt because his pants are getting short real fast.  Here are some facts about Kael:
He is crawling and is a fast little crawler.  He will pull himself up on furniture (and walls) and walk along them.  He will also get brave and let go and will stand for 10 seconds before he realizes he's standing by himself and then he will hurry and sit down.  He is so ready to walk but isn't brave enough yet.  He would rather walk holding on to our hands.  I think he is going to be a soccer player because he likes to kick his bouncy ball when he walks with us. He recently started to crawl with both his legs straight so his butt is sticking up in the air.  He doesn't do it all the time but it's pretty funny to watch him when he does do it.  He also loves to crawl over and under everything in the house.
He loves to read books and that is the only way I can get him to sit sill for more than a second.  He has two favorite books that he wants me to read over and over again.
He's eating solid foods 3 times a day and loves it.  He is good at feeding himself but still hasn't gotten the pinching down.  He stills gets a bottle in the morning and night and just started to hold the bottle himself.
He hasn't gotten any new teeth besides the two he has on the bottom.
He is in a testing faze and likes to keep doing things that we tell him not too.  He will look at us while he does the things he's not supposed to do with a little smile on his face.  Or when he gets caught he will act innocent. Naughty boy.
He loves to be chased and will giggle and will try to crawl so fast that he ends up on his belly.
He giggles all the time and I love it because he has the cutest little laugh and he is such a chatter box and is constantly "talking" all day long.  He can say mama, dada, baba (bottle) and we are working on doggy which he is starting to get a hang of.  He can also clap and wave and is starting to throw his toy balls.  He has no coordination yet but loves to do it.
He is starting to "dance" but it's just more like squatting and he loves music when it's on the TV.  Anytime anyone starts singing on TV he will stop whatever he is doing and stare at the TV.  Sometimes he will crawl over to it and stand right in front of it.  
He likes to destroy things as boys usually do.  I was at my sister's and I was making a tower with blocks and every time I would Kael would knock them down as fast as he could.
He loves to see himself in a mirror or the camera on my phone and will smile and laugh at himself.
Enough about my boy.  Here are some pictures:
Always crawling with something in his mouth.

This is how he smiles.  So cute!

Loving the mirror

He took this pic of himself with the camera on my phone.

Throwing his ball.

His favorite spot, under the coffee table.

His best friend.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9 Months

I can't believe that he is already 9 months and it freaks me out to think that in 3 months he will be a year. Where did the time go?!  Each day this kid's personality gets bigger and bigger.  He is the funniest kid. Here are some things about Kael:
Not sure how much he weighs but I know it's over 20 lbs.
He is crawling, not army crawling anymore and he is a fast crawler.  He can move so fast around the house.  He's pulling himself up on everything.  He likes to "walk" with us holding his hands and walking with him.  He also is super fast at that too.

He was taught how to climb the stairs by his daddy so before we got the baby gate that's all that he wanted to do and he was very good at it too.  Now we have a baby gate on the stairs and a few other places in our house.
He eats real food three times a day and loves it.  Maybe a little too much because when we are eating in public or at other people's houses he will scream unless you put food in his mouth and sometimes we just aren't fast enough getting it into his mouth.  He is good at feeding himself even though he hasn't gotten the pinching down yet.

He makes the funniest faces and is very chatty.  He has two teeth on the bottom and I think he is getting another one on the bottom.
He LOVES the dogs.  He will crawl in the front room and tease the dogs and will crack himself up.  He will steal Bugsey's toys and play tug of war with him and thinks Bowzer is his jungle gym.  He will climb all over Bowzer and Bowzer is good and will just lay there while sneaking in a "kiss" or two.

We love this kid so much and he keeps us busy because he is such a busy body and never stops moving.