Thursday, December 12, 2013

1 Year

I can't believe my baby is 1!  He weighs 21 lbs 15 oz and is 30.75 inches tall.  He's a full time walker and has been working on running.  It's funny to watch him try to run because he kind of does a body roll because his feet start going and it takes a second or two for his head to catch up with his feet.  He can bend over and pick things up and can go from sitting to standing without using a wall to help him up.  He loves walking because he can chase the dogs.  He loves to turn pages in books, he loves balls, he loves to point, clap, and wave. He's starting to try to climb on everything but still hasn't accomplished it quite yet...thanks goodness.  He loves being able to feed himself and refuses to let me feed him because he wants to do it himself.  He's officially off formula!  WOHOO!  He had no issue going from formula to milk which is so nice because formula is so expensive.  He talks so much but it's all still gibberish.  He's finally getting his two top teeth.  I'm excited for him to finally get those so he can bite his food.  He tries to bite his food then gets frustrated and just shoves the whole thing in his mouth.  We upgraded him to a big boy car seat but it's still rear facing until his legs get longer.  We had a little party on his birthday and we thought when we put the cake in front of him that he would just start shoveling it in his mouth but after a few bites he started to cry.  I think that he wanted to get out of his high chair and walk around.  He's very social and loves being around lots of people.

We had to push our couches together and put the tree on a table to keep him from getting too it.