Friday, May 27, 2011


I don't have anything to really blog about but I thought I would post some funny pictures of my dogs that I found on my phone.
Bowzer got his head stuck in a bag.

Bowzer was trying to get Bugsey's attention

They like to sleep right by each other

Rudolf Bugsey

Bowzer looks a little crazy when he sleeps

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Last September Declan and I bought Six Flags tickets to use while we were visiting Dallas and we were planning on using them on a weekday so that the park wasn't super busy but we found out that Six Flags was only open on Saturday and Sunday in the Fall and it was too late for us to use the tickets.  So I called them to see if they would extend the tickets to the 2011 season and they said that we could but that we had to use them by the end of May 2011.  So we figured May would be a good month to go since our anniversary is in May.  Last time we went we drove the 22 hours in one day and it was horrible so we decided that we would drive to Colorado Springs, CO and visit Declan's cousin for a couple of days and then drive the rest of the way to Dallas and stay with his Aunt for a couple of days and use our Six Flags tickets. 

We left on Tuesday and drove 9 hours to Colorado Springs which went by fast.  We visited that night with Declan's cousin and his wife.  On Wednesday the weather was super crappy (it snowed) so we couldn't do a whole lot outside but we went to an arcade that has all these super old arcade games and played on those for a couple of hours.  Later that night we went to dinner and watched a movie.  On Thursday we left for Dallas which was another 12 hour drive which seemed to take forever.  We got to Declan's Aunt's house at Midnight so we just went to bed. 
On Friday we has planned to go to this awesome outlet mall so we got up had a little breakfast and then got ready.  Before we left we stopped to visit with Declan's aunt and uncle since we hadn't seen them yet.  We were standing in their kitchen talking with them when I passed out.  It was so weird.  I was standing and talking and then I woke up and I was laying on the tile floor while everyone was looking at me freaking out.  After that we sat on the couch for about an hour until I felt comfortable enough to go shopping.  We ended up spending a couple hours shopping and then we to Cheesecake Factory to have dinner to celebrate our 5th anniversary.  After that we came back we noticed some fireflies so we sat outside and watched those for a while and then went to bed since we were so tired. 
On Saturday we were planning on going to Six Flags and were super excited to actually go this time.  We got to Six Flags and spent 4 hours and left.  It was middle school day or something because there was different groups like band, choir, dance that were there which made the lines way too long.  In the 4 hours that we were there we went on 1 ride (waited an hour) then got a drink and nachos.  The wait for each ride was at least 2 1/2 hours minimum so we figured that it wasn't worth it since it just took us 4 hours to do those 3 things so we left.  We ended up spending the rest of the night hanging out with his aunt and uncle.  We ate some dinner, played a fun card game, watched a movie and then went to a restaurant called Chedder's to get some dessert. 
On Sunday we planned on driving the 12 hours back to Colorado Springs to spend the night with Declan's cousin again.  I was going to drive since Declan was tired.  We left his aunt's house and drove down the block to get gas.  After we got gas I went to start the car and it wouldn't start.  I started to get a little nervous since we were so far away from home.  We asked a guy that was getting gas next to us to give us a jump to see if it was the battery.  The car started right up with the jump so we drove to Walmart to get a new battery.  We bought a battery ($100) and went to put it in the car and it's the wrong battery.  We used their little machine to find out which battery we needed for our car but we couldn't close the hood cause it was too tall.  We take the battery back to get our money back and they didn't want to give us a full refund even though we had just bought the battery 10 mins before.  After some arguing they gave us a full refund.  we put the old battery back into the car and called Declan's uncle to give us a jump and try to find an auto parts store to get another battery.  His Uncle jumped the car and we drove to auto zone got a battery that worked and was able to drive the car the 12 hours to Colorado Springs. 
On Monday we drove the last 9 hours home with out any problems.  Before we left we checked the weather to make sure that it would be nice and warm and it was supposed to be but while we were gone it was warmer in Utah then Colorado and Texas but when we got home it was cold and rainy.  The weather just doesn't like us.  unfortunately we didn't really take any pictures since we really didn't do a whole lot but I was able to get one picture that I think is pretty funny.  Here is is:
Ha Ha!  I am going to be in trouble for posting this but it's funny!!