Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My mom told me on Sunday that I was boring cause I haven't updated my blog in a while so I figured I would post an update of what's been happening. 
I will start with Valentines Day.  We didn't do much this year cause it's so close to Christmas and Declan's birthday.  I made Declan a little gift...

And he did something different then flowers...

Valentine's night I just made dinner and then we just hung out and watched TV.  It was pretty low key but we both enjoyed it. 
Now on to my personal training certification... I am still working on that.  I past half of my test so now I have to retake the other half that I didn't pass.  I've had a bad test failing streak but I finally broke that streak when I past my insurance test last week (I've already taken it a few times).  I now have my insurance license and I am super excited about it.  Now I just need to make sure and pass the other half of my personal training test so I can do my internship and get certified.
In two weeks Declan and I will be going to Disneyland with his family.  We originally planned to go to Disneyland during Thanksgiving last year but it didn't work out so we will be going at the end of the month.  We are very excited for our much needed vacation.  Other then the stuff I already posted not a whole lot has happened.  I will post about our Disneyland trip next month.