Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kael Update

It's been a few months since I have posted on the blog so I figured while Kael is napping I would give an update.  He's down to one nap a day which is nice when you have errands to run (disclaimer: I do not run errands while my child is napping.) but sucks to only get one break during the day.  He's working on walking on his tippy toes, jumping, spinning and running.  Most of the time it ends in him falling but he seems to find it entertaining.  He's still my happy, Mr. personality boy but is sure testing the waters.  Everything is a hilarious game to him.  If he hits the dog and I tell him to be nice he laughs and continues to do it so I have started "time out" since us saying no is a challenge for him to keep doing it.  He can climb on most things in the house like the couch. coffee table, and our bed in our room (now that we have a new mattress and bed frame that isn't 4 feet off the ground).  He loves being outside now that it's getting warmer.  He loves the park not because there are slides or swings but because he can run and be free.  He's still not interested in the TV (thank goodness and I hope it stays that way) unless there is music and singing.  I turn on a cartoon in the morning for him but then the TV is off the rest of the day until after he goes to bed usually (i'm not perfect and will sometimes watch TV during the day for my sanity).  He loves food still but is learning that he likes one more than another.  He LOVES bath time and is discovering all the fun things he can do in there like splashing, blowing bubbles with his mouth, putting his one ear in the water, drinking the water but his favorite is brushing his teeth in the bathtub. His favorite thing to do all day is sitting under a blanket and of course he wants me under it with him with my cell phone so we can listen to animals sounds while under the blanket.  It's really cute but makes it hard to get things done during the day.  He's obsessed with his stupid pacifier and I try not to let him suck on it all day but sometimes I give up and let him win the fight because I don't have that kind of energy.  He still loves to read books but has started to "read" them to me.  He's a little mimic and tries to say everything we say in the tone we say it and sometimes it sounds like it's supposed to (at least to us) and then sometimes it is just gibberish.  He loves when you sing hush little baby to him especially when it's his aunt singing to him and now he just expects her to sing it.  When he sees her he just starts swaying back and forth to coax her into singing it.  He is such a fun little boy and keeps me laughing.

Please excuse my face...

Besties.  He's always following her everywhere

This is Kael and I under the blanket

When he does this he thinks you can't see him.  And not because he's wearing camo...

My handsome little stud

He likes playing in this laundry basket

Boy cousins!

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