Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9 Months

I can't believe that he is already 9 months and it freaks me out to think that in 3 months he will be a year. Where did the time go?!  Each day this kid's personality gets bigger and bigger.  He is the funniest kid. Here are some things about Kael:
Not sure how much he weighs but I know it's over 20 lbs.
He is crawling, not army crawling anymore and he is a fast crawler.  He can move so fast around the house.  He's pulling himself up on everything.  He likes to "walk" with us holding his hands and walking with him.  He also is super fast at that too.

He was taught how to climb the stairs by his daddy so before we got the baby gate that's all that he wanted to do and he was very good at it too.  Now we have a baby gate on the stairs and a few other places in our house.
He eats real food three times a day and loves it.  Maybe a little too much because when we are eating in public or at other people's houses he will scream unless you put food in his mouth and sometimes we just aren't fast enough getting it into his mouth.  He is good at feeding himself even though he hasn't gotten the pinching down yet.

He makes the funniest faces and is very chatty.  He has two teeth on the bottom and I think he is getting another one on the bottom.
He LOVES the dogs.  He will crawl in the front room and tease the dogs and will crack himself up.  He will steal Bugsey's toys and play tug of war with him and thinks Bowzer is his jungle gym.  He will climb all over Bowzer and Bowzer is good and will just lay there while sneaking in a "kiss" or two.

We love this kid so much and he keeps us busy because he is such a busy body and never stops moving.

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