Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 Months

I forgot to blog when Kael was 5 months.  This kid has such a cute personality.  He likes to "talk" and make lots of noises and squeal and laugh. He is always smiling and rarely fussy.  We have been really blessed with this kid.  He likes to play with his feet and scratch at everything.  He's been loving his baby food and it just made him more obsessed with regular food.  When Declan and I eat he will throw a fit because he wants some too so we trick him by giving him rice cups that are used for teething and it satisfies him.  Also he will grab at anything you drink and if you are not careful that drink will end up in your lap.  He loves playing in his jumpers and loves it when we lay him on the floor to play.  He is sitting up like a champ and is almost sitting up on his own.  He's obsessed with the dogs and squeal when they come around him.  He's been sleeping through the night since about 3 months which has been nice for me.  He still had a rough night every once and a while.  He loves when we go places because he likes to watch people especially if there are kids around.  He loves woman and is already a little flirt.  He loves my sister and will watch her if she is in the same room as him.  He also loves playing with his daddy when he comes home from work.  I'm not sure how much he weighs or how big he is but all I know is he is a heavy kid.  My arms get real tried carrying this kid around but I love his chubby arms a legs.  He loves his bath but I think he will feel differently about the pool.  We stuck his feet in the kiddy pool at my parents and he cried cause the water was cold...ha ha He will learn to get used to it because we will be spending lots of time at the pool and the lake this summer.  I will post more about Kael when he is 6 months old.  Here are some photos:

Sitting up like a Champ

Play time with Mommy

Loves his cousins

Ready for Dr Pepper

Loves his feet

His bucket hat

In his suit for Mother's day

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