Thursday, June 7, 2012

And the baby is...

A couple of days ago Declan and I went to the Fetal Studio in the South Town Mall to see if they will be able to tell us what gender the baby is because they can do it as early as 14 weeks.  When we went in the baby was sitting Indian style and being stubborn so the Ultrasound Tech had me cough and move into a couple different positions to try to get the baby to uncross its legs so we could get a good picture and the baby finally did a little bit which was enough to see what the baby was.  And it's a.....BOY!  We are so excited because we both wanted a boy first.  My parent's are very excited because this is the first grandson for them.  Here are a couple of pictures from the ultrasound:

This is a profile pic of the baby

This is a picture of the baby sucking it's thumb

This is the picture showing that it's a boy
We've had one boy name and one girl name already picked out and since it's a boy his name will be Kale (yes, like the leafy green) Declan Zollinger.
I also took a couple of pictures of the bump and here they are:

These pictures taken were at 14 weeks 5 days

This is a close up version of the bump in case you couldn't see it in the last picture
We are still working on the baby's room and haven't really done much since the last pictures I posted but as soon as we get more done I will post pictures.


  1. YAY!!!! That is so exciting! I love that picture of him sucking his thumb, that is so amazing to see! And I love the name!

  2. Thanks Steph! We are pretty excited!