Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm going to play catch up since it's been some time since I've posted anything.  I will start with Mother's Day/Anniversary since they were on the same day.  On Saturday morning My mom, sister, both sister-in-laws and I went to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe which was a lot of fun (we need to do it more often).

After breakfast we went shopping at the mall and I got a couple of cute shirts to wear while I am in "transition" from being not pregnant to being pregnant.  (not a fun stage BTW).  Later that night Declan and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for our 6th Anniversary.  I love that place!  We didn't do much other than dinner for our Anniversary cause we are trying to save our $$ for the baby.
On Sunday it was pretty relaxing.  This is what Bowzer gave to me for Mother's Day:
Bower gave me a cute!
We had dinner that night at my Parent's with the whole fam and my big bro made some delicious BBQ chicken.  Over all it was a super fun weekend.

Now on to the baby room...
I got this idea off of Pinterest (I love that place) and I can't wait till it's finished.  This is what we did this weekend so far:

This is what I saw on Pinterest:

The room will look similar to this picture minus the crib and dresser and pictures and the color on top...I haven't decided what color to paint since I don't know the gender of the baby yet... But I am excited for the finished product!  I will post more pictures of the baby room as we get more done.


  1. Love it! That will look so awesome!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited to see the finished product!

  3. I love your nursery project, it looks great so far! I like the pic of all the girls! Cute!!