Monday, July 11, 2011

Bear Lake

For Independence Day me, Declan and his family went up to Bear Lake like we usually do every year but this year was a little different.  The water was so high this year that there isn't really any beach left.  We got to Bear Lake Friday night to set up camp and was planning on finding a some sort of a beach on Saturday for us to hang out on.

When Saturday came we were going to go to the North Beach which is the Idaho side and is a state park but when we got there to launch the boat they were going to charge $22 to launch and they also didn't allow dogs on the beach which sucked for us because we had 3 with us. We planned to drive around the lake to try to find another beach and as we were driving the wheel on the boat trailer almost came off. We had to fix the wheel so Declan and his dad took the boat to a repair shop to get it fixed while Declan's sister and I went back to our camp to lay out and get a tan. They got the boat fixed after a couple of hours but the day was pretty much over so we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers at our camp. On Sunday we launched the boat (at the Utah Marina) and found a little beach that we hung out on pretty much the whole day while getting sunburned.  We even made a dutch oven dinner on the beach that was delicious. Later that night we hung out at our camp and watched the fireworks around the camp fire.

The little rocky beach
Nice and cooked

 On Monday we were planning on going to the beach again but it was not good weather so we packed up camp and planned on going home. On the way home we stopped in Centerville and ate lunch at Chilis with Declan's family. We drove the rest of the way home and unloaded the truck and unpacked and then I ended the day getting a pedicure with Declan's mom, aunt and sister while Declan rested his sunburned body at home on the couch.


  1. I had to smile with the "nice and cooked" caption. I am ready for another weekend of being cooked :)

    p.s. go to the chiropractor. I'll even go with you...

  2. I need another weekend of being cooked too so I can maintain my tan. Ugh...the chiropractor...I am tired of walking around like an old woman (even though I am lol)but I am scared of him. You might have to go with me and hold my hand while they break me ha ha.

  3. Ha... Would love to! :) Please expect a text now... Dun dun duuuun