Thursday, June 23, 2011

Declan's Surgery Continued

Declan finally had his knee surgery on Tuesday.  He had to be at the hospital at 10am so we got their at 9:45 am and waited until about 10:45am when they pulled him back to put his gown on and prep him for surgery. 
Doesn't he look so
After he put his gown on we waited another 15-20 minutes for them to clean a bed for him.  Once they got a bed they had him lay down and then gave him the IV which Declan said hurt.  About 50 different nurses came in asking Declan the same questions over and over like what is your name and birthday, what knee is getting the surgery and things like that.  The the Anesthetist came in and gave him a nerve block in his leg and then gave him Versed (not sure how to spell that) and then wheeled him off to surgery at 11:45am.  They said the surgery would take about an hour and a half so I went home and had some lunch.  I went back to the hospital and waited for about another hour until they finally pulled me back at 2:15pm. 

Doesn't he look so sad

I took this picture when he was sleeping and he didn't know

I went and sat with Declan while the anesthesia was wearing off and he was not a happy camper.  He kept asking me how long the surgery took and was mad because they "chopped the hell out of his leg" and he really wanted to go home.  There was a patient sharing a room with us but there was a curtain separating the room and his machine kept beeping and Declan was getting mad because of the beeping noises.  He kept complaining that he couldn't feel his leg (because of the nerve block) and he was in pain.  They finally gave him some pain medicine which helped.  The nurse kept coming in and out checking on his vitals and finally Declan couldn't stand it anymore and asked if he could go home.  The nurse gave us the discharge papers and told Declan that he could get dressed.  When he was getting dressed he felt sick so he laid back down until the nurse brought the wheel chair.  She wheeled him out to the car and we left the hospital at 4:30pm.  I got him home with out him throwing up and had him lay on the couch and elevated his leg.  The hospital sent us home with this ice machine that circulates the ice water through the brace on his knee to help with the swelling.  He has been chilling on the couch and has been in and out of sleep because of the pain medicine.  Bowzer has been sleeping with him on the couch at night to keep him company.  Hopefully he will be able to get on his feet soon because the laying on the couch all day is killing him.  Feel free to stop by and visit him so that he is not bored out of his mind while I am at work.


  1. poor guy! thanks for posting so I don't have to ask you a jillion questions when I get home!

    feel better declan!!

  2. Lets go to dinner when he gets better!!

  3. Nemiha-you can still ask me about his surgery if you like. Des- He can probably go to dinner now cause he can move around fine, just a little slower than usual.

  4. Well this weekend Tom's sis is in town, but maybe next weekend??

  5. we wil most likely be at Bear Lake next weekend but maybe the week after?