Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday & Labor Day

So my birthday is coming up and I am going to be the big 2-7 and I always thought that I would never care about getting older but as I get older I almost dread my birthdays especially this year when I think that I am only 3 years away from being 30!  I am starting to panic a little at the thought of getting older...

Anyway, enough with the crazy talk...We spent Labor Day this year at Bear Lake which was fun but it wasn't warm enough to get in the cold water.  Plus Declan's sister Jen wasn't there and we definitely missed her not being there.  We didn't do a whole lot except get sunburned and no sleep.  We came home Sunday night and enjoyed sleeping in our own beds.  On Monday we went to Utah lake and I actually got in the water to wake board which was the first and last time this year and, speaking of getting old, I am feeling it today.  Here are some pictures from Utah Lake:


  1. Heck yeah! I didn't realize you got out, that's way exciting! That water looks nasty compared to pictures at Bear Lake, but I guess it's water just the same :)

  2. I figured that I needed to wake board at least once this year. The water does look really gross compared to Bear Lake but it was a lot warmer.