Friday, December 28, 2012

Kael's Birth

It all started on Thursday when my boss decided that he was going to finish the bathroom in the new office that we had just moved to which meant that we wouldn't have access to a bathroom all day. The only bathroom we could use was the grocery store around the corner. Being nine months pregnant meant I had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes (at least it felt that often). Going to the grocery store meant walking around the corner and then up a flight of stairs everytime. I voiced to my boss how upset I was that he deceided to do this the day before my last daycause it was going to put me into labor. Anyway, I didn't want to walk to the grocery store that often so I did what ever I could to hold in my pee. Later in the afternoon I really had to go so I walked to the grocery store with one of my co workers and after I went to the bathroom we walked around the grocery store so she could get some food for lunch. We were stanind in an asle when I think my water was breaking (I started leaking fluid). I started to freak out a little bit so I told the girl that I was going to go home and take it easy so the I could prevent labor. I wanted to go until my inducement date a week later. I walked back to the office and tried to finish all my work in case I did go into labor. I drove home and took a bath cause I was starting to get contractions. They weren't regular or super painful and the bath helped them go away until later that night when declan and I were sitting on the couch watching tv. I decided to take a shower just in case I went into labor. After my shower my contractions were becoming more frequently like every 10 minutes. We ended up going to bed but I didn't sleep much because they were now every 5 minutes and becoming more painful. At about 11:30 pm we decided to go to the hospital. When we got there they had me change into a gown and hooked me up on all the monitors. They did the test to see if my water broke earlier that day but it didn't so that meant I just peed myself. My bad... They checked to see how dilated I was and I was only a 3 so they said they wanted me to stay for and hour to see if I dialte anymore. After an hour I was still a 3 so they said they were sending me home and to come back when the contractions are 2-3 min apart for at least 2 hours. We drove home (at this point it was 2:30 am) and I took a bath which helped a little with the pain. I tried to sleep but couldn't because the contractions were getting more and more painful and were now 4 min apart. I ended up going downstairs and laid on the couch so I didn't wake declan up when I was getting a contraction because I would move around so much. At about 7am my contractions were now 3 minutes apart and extremely painful. I had to lay in the fetal position when I would get one. I text declan (I wasn't about to walk up stairs with the pain that I was in) and told him my contractions were 3 min apart. He came downstairs and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital but I told him no cause it had only been a half hour and I didn't want to get sent home again. I waited till it had been an hour and decided to go. Declan had to help me get dressed because I was in so much pain. I stood up to walk to the car and had to vomit. I didn't throw up my whole pregnancy but of course the last day I did. The half hour drive to the hospital seemed like a life time with my contractions. When we got to the hospital we tried to hurry to the third floor because I couldn't walk during a contraction but didn't make it so I had to stop in the hall and sit down during my contraction. We made it to labor and delivery and they made me stand there forever while they checked me in. They finally took me to a room and I got dressed (I almost laid down on the bathroom floor to get dressed cause of the pain). They checked me and I was dilated to a 6. They nurse said that they would hurry and get me an epidural. I was shaking so bad cause of the pain and I could tell that declan was freaking out because there was nothing he could do. They moved me to the delivery room and hooked me up and tired to find the anathesiologist. They finally found him and he hooked me up on the epidural. Once that kicked in I was in heaven. After I was numb my dr came in and broke my water and then we just had to wait until I was fully dilated. After a couple of hours I had only dilated to a 7 so they hooked me up on potosin to help me dilate faster. After they did that they baby wasn't moving as much as they wanted him to so they put me on oxygen. After being on that for a little while he still wasn't moving as much so they gave me a glucose iv. At this point I was fully dilated but the baby hadn't dropped so they made me rotate being on my sides every 15 min to get him to drop so I could dtart pushing. At 4pm he had finally dropped so we could start the rest and decend. The nurse asked declan to hold my leg and he told her no and to have someone else do it and she told him that there wasn't anyone else so he decided to hold my leg. I started pushing 3 times during a contraction and did that 3 or 4 times and then the nurse told me to stop and wait for the dr. The dr showed up 1O min later and I pushed 2 or 3 times more and he was out. The dr told me to look as he was pulling kael out but I told him no. The dr cut the cord since declan told him he didn't want to. The dr said the cord was wrapped around his neck but it was loose so it wasn't a concern. Kael was born on 11/30/12 at 4:39 pm 8lbs 6oz and 19.5 inches long. Overall the labor wasn't bad once I got the epidural. Contractions suck! I will have to post pictures later since I'm writing this post on my phone and it won't let me post pictures. I will also write another post on how its been since I've been home.

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  1. That made me laugh out loud! Contractions do suck! Way to go! :)