Monday, November 14, 2011


I  know this is a few weeks late but for Halloween Crystal and I dressed up for work and since 2 of the 4 girls at my work are pregnant Crystal and I decided that we were going to be pregnant so that all 4 of us were pregnant for Halloween.  It was a lot of fun especially when clients came in and thought that all 4 of us were pregnant and Darron, my boss, sure had fun calling us all "preggers".  Here is a photo of us all pregnant:

Left to right:  Hayley (really REALLY pregnant), Emily (really pregnant), Crystal (fake pregnant) and me (obviously fake pregnant)
Hayley ended up having her baby a few days after this picture was taken.  The girls at my work are AWESOME but I am sad that two weeks before Hayley had her baby one of the other girls had her baby so things won't be the same with those two girls gone.


  1. Oh I was very large and in charge wasn't I?!
    I miss you girls and I can't wait to see your real pregnant belly :)

  2. Ha ha you were a big lady but you were still cute pregnant. We miss you too and I'm not too excited to see my real pregnant belly but it's going to happen anyway ;)