Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I know this is a few weeks late but Declan and I went to Lagoon with Declan's Cousins Kellen, His wife, Kylie, her husband and a married couple that is friends with Kellen. Kellen and his wife drove down from Colorado Springs to stay with us since we stayed with them on our way to Texas and we had so much fun together. Going to Lagoon with everyone was the most fun I have ever had at Lagoon. Janice (Kellen's Wife) hasn't been to an amusement park since she was little so Kellen wanted to go on every ride and that's what we did.

We ended the day riding Rattle Snake Rapids and getting soaking wet for our drive home.  Fortunately for most of us we had a short trip home but Kylie and her husband had to drive home to St. George right after.

The Group before we got soaked

Still dry...

We are soaking wet in this picture but you can't really tell
 Later that night Kellen and Janice went to stay with his parents in Stansbury and then we met up with them on Saturday is Burley, ID for the Zollinger Family Reunion which we spent the whole day in the boat on the Snake River.  Declan and I got fried to a crisp and I am sad that I didn't get a picture of us.  Declan and I had so much fun with Kellen and Janice and are so sad that they live so far away so that we can't hang out all the time.  Maybe we can talk them into moving to Texas with us...

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